Serving the Transportainment Businesses of Nashville, TN

Nashville Transportainment Association

The Nashville Transportation Association is a non-profit trade association for Transportainment businesses in Nashville, TN. NTA wants to enhance and improve the Transportainment business climate in the city of Nashville by promoting our industry to the general public, protecting the rights of the Transportainment industry and assisting the businesses to increase their safety standards, procedures, sales, marketing, and public image.

NTA was organized in February 2020. Our management team will consist of a board of directors and officers working closely with an executive director. In addition, a professional lobbyist is employed to keep us appraised of legislative activities and to help us affect desired outcomes for both the State and Local level. Ultimately, the work will be divided among communities and the executive director may need to add staff to the Association management team.


NTA provides a variety of services to Transportainment business, including the scheduling and coordination of a number of activities and events. These include monthly meetings for information sharing between each other, special guest speakers and local people of influence politically, tourism, police force and so on.

In addition, NTA will provide direct services to the Transportainment businesses that include professional lobbyist services too represent our members with government agencies, communications in the form of a monthly email and regular monthly meetings as well as social bulletins, and group benefits such as coordinating out members’ dealings with insurance companies and distributors for rates and discounts.

Among the Future Services Planned are:
  • Group rate auto insurance
  • Group rate health insurance
  • Group rate vendor and services discount
  • Tour portal for sharing tours
  • Group or industry advertising opportunities